With the aim of connecting people with their exquisite heritage, specifically the novel craft that is curating and creating art out of silk, reshmi pitara was created. We employ local weavers and craftsmen to bring to life our unique designs, while keeping in mind sustainability and the ethical aspect of fashion. While focussing on purely handmade and hand-woven silk products, we aim to deliver them at excellent value to our customers.

Our products include unique, high quality silk apparel, unique jewellery, home decor, gifts and more. With each product we hope to tell and create a unique story and connect with people through the love of tradition and fashion.


Reshmi Pitara is the brainchild of two childhood friends, Sarita and Susangeeta. Susangeeta has been working with silk and making art out of this uniquely traditional fabric for 10 years. Specializing in silk sarees, she has broadened her horizons with unparalleled, handcrafted products and connected with happy customers all over the country.

When both of them decided to collaborate and combine their passions for fashion and connecting with people, this project was conceived. Always conscious about being ethical and bringing those values to the fashion industry, we focus on uplifting and promoting the work of underprivileged local weavers and craftsmen.

We also work to keep our brand strictly slow fashion and eco-friendly. Mix all these with the final but most important ingredient – love and you get the special place that is reshmi pitara. We hope to spread happiness and excellent fashion with like-minded people.

Love, Sarita and Susangeeta (Co-founder), Reshmi Pitara